Saudi Arabia vs Australia

Our group stage ends with a tame loss and we head into the sudden-death playoffs in June.

Australia vs Japan

Japan were simply too good and we head for the repechage.

Oman vs Australia

Oh dear.

Australia vs Vietnam

A comfortable score-line in a much-needed win.

Eve Of The Daleks

The premise of this story was very simple, however it really drew me in.

The Vanquishers

Everything works out in the end in a convoluted, dramatic finale.

Survivors Of The Flux

A gripping setup to the finale of the Flux.

Village Of The Angels

The Doctor battles the Weeping Angels again and makes a bargain with a rogue Angel.

China vs Australia

A calamitous result leaves our qualification hanging in the balance.

Once, Upon Time

A dense episode that plays with the origins of time and offers the Doctor a chance to access forgotten memories.


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