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Hi there! Welcome to my website / blog. My name is David. I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm employed as a software engineer. I enjoy playing and watching football, science fiction, film and the web. I'm a geek.

Thankfully I have a common name so I can remain reasonably anonymous on the web. Beyond mentioning my name and city, I do take some care to retain some privacy. So there's no photos of me or my family, or identifying info, like a suburb or street name. And so on.

I've been blogging in various forms for a few years, but I've only recently settled on a permanent home, ie. this domain was only registered on January 1, 2008. So items may show up a funny order. Old stuff will migrate here over time, resulting in the date order not matching up with the thing (item) numbering, at least until I catch up.

How much of a geek I am is difficult to say and something I wonder about on this site. I guess it depends on your definition. I prefer the more modern meanings :)

So, on the one-hand, I've always been good at sport with my favourite sport being football (soccer). This gets extensive coverage. OTOH, I'm into computers and science fiction, very geeky. To balance the football coverage, I've picked one science fiction thing, the new series of Doctor Who. I was a fan growing up and still am. I also post on things that catch my eye, hence the title of this site.

I'm married to my beautiful wife Jamie and we have three children, Naruto, Grace and Tinkerbell. (To protect their privacy and save them from embarrassment their names are cleverly replaced with nicknames that change over time, especially the children whose nicknames tend to reflect their current favourite thing.)

And finally, why a blog? To record stuff for myself (and a diary is so low-tech). To play around with Drupal - the tool I use on this site and many others. It's FOSS and has lots of cool features. And to have fun.