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The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 1
First Broadcast2016/12/26 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Previous EpisodeThe Husbands Of River Song
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It's been a long wait, but a clever script packed with references just about made the wait worth it. By coincidence, we happened to watch the previous episode earlier in the day - this proved to be useful background.

We begin with the Doctor apparently trying to repair the damage he caused to New York. A slight mishap means he needs to be rescued by a child named Grant. In the ensuing discussion, Grant accidentally swallows an alien gemstone that grants wishes. The net result is that Grant becomes a superhero. This kicks off a long stream of references to many comics and their superheroes. Indeed, Grant gives the Doctor his very own comic book name - Doctor Mysterio.

The Doctor returns 24 years later - the length on one night on Darillium - to find Grant working as a nanny with a sideline as an actual superhero, known as the Ghost. We then have a fairly conventional plot with the Doctor and the Ghost combining to save the world from the Shoal of the Winter Harmony. This is combined with a common super-hero sub-plot of the romance between the girl, the super-hero and the man behind the mask.

All up, I enjoyed this episode. There was plenty of wit and many clever lines. The plot and action were also solid. A nice Christmas present.