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The Pilot

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 2
First Broadcast2017/04/16 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Previous EpisodeThe Return Of Doctor Mysterio
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This episode feels somewhat like a reboot. The Doctor and Nardole are hanging out at St. Luke's University. It seems the Doctor has been lecturing there for a very long time and the University pretty much lets him do as he pleases. Exactly the sort of situation you can imagine the Doctor ending up in, especially if he had helped out there in the past. There's a mystery though. There's a vault they are guarding. There's no hint yet as to anything about it, but no doubt this will evolve over the series.

We also have the introduction of a new companion. It's a little different this time as the Doctor seeks her out and encourages her to join him. Not exactly as a travelling companion though, just a student. Bill attends lectures despite not being enrolled and the Doctor is pleased that she's keen to learn.

Finally we have the main plot - an oil (from a pretty amazing space ship) that takes the shape of another student that Bill fancies. At first all we see is a puddle, but then we realise it's not a reflection but a mimic. The oil / being is capable of following the Doctor and Bill throughout time and space and is resistant to Dalek weaponry. A tad unbelievable. In the end they find a clever resolution.

The Doctor tries to wipe Bill's memory to honour an as yet unrevealed promise. Bill asks the Doctor how would he like it and we are reminded of Clara and he desists. So Bill can stay on as companion. I think she'll do well. She asks all sorts of penetrating questions and stands up to the Doctor.

All up, a good first episode. I'm looking forward to what comes next.