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ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 7
First Broadcast2017/05/21 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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There are effectively two story-lines in this episode. The first, told in flashback, reveals the secret of who is in the vault. It's Missy. At the Fatality Index the Doctor has been summoned. At first, during the explanation of the execution device, it would seem the Doctor is the intended victim. However, Missy is eventually brought forth. The Doctor has messed with the device though and Missy is not executed. The Doctor does agree to keep Missy under observation for the obligatory 1000 years. And thus the purpose and occupant of the vault are revealed.

Meanwhile, in the main storyline, the Doctor is still blind and receives a visit from the Pope. The Church needs the Doctor's help with a book entitled Veritas. Apparently everyone who reads it kills themselves. This sets off a spooky mystery and reveals an equally frightening villain - the Monks. The Doctor attempts to regain his sight and succeeds temporarily. Eventually, it is revealed that most of the adventure has taken place in a simulation. The (simulated) Doctor, on realising this, e-mails vital information to his real-world self, so that he will be prepared for the invasion.

The revelation that Missy in the vault comes with several episodes left in the season. So her presence is not the big secret; there will be a bigger part for her to play, but it's not yet clear what, although the Doctor does ask for help at the end.

Overall, a good episode. I liked the plot, the new villain and the bits of humour. The plot has yet to reach its end, ie. we have our first multi-episode arc for the season.