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The Pyramid At The End Of The World

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 8
First Broadcast2017/05/28 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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In times of crisis, the Doctor can be appointed President of Earth. Apparently this is one of those times, although little use is made of this. The Doctor, Bill, Nardole and representatives of the Earth's superpowers enter the pyramid and discover the Monks there. The Monks tells them that their simulations indicate the Earth will be desolate within a year. The Monks offer to help but require the representatives of Earth to consent. There is no explanation of what this might mean or how it dangerous it is and the Doctor opposes it.

Meanwhile, two laboratory scientists have accidentally invented a super-bacterium capable of breaking down living organisms. It seems we have the discovered the means of the Earth's destruction as the bacterium is about to vented into the open air. Using a clever ruse, the Doctor determines where the lab is. He travels there with Nardole in the TARDIS. The Doctor and one of the scientists manage to destroy the Bacterium. All is looking up until the Doctor is trapped in the lab and will be killed if he cannot get out.

Unfortunately, he needs to be able to see to do this. With Nardole unconscious, there is no-one who can save him. When Bill becomes aware of this and the Doctor reveals he is blind, she bargains with the Monks. She will consent if they restore his sight and save him. It is here we see the pay-off (in plot terms) for the Doctor's disability. The Doctor's sight is restored and he escapes from the lab. The price is that the Earth is taken over by the Monks.

Cool tech: The Doctor upgraded his sonic sunglasses to give him information about the people around him, eg. height, weight, age, etc. Interestingly Nardole is over 200 years old, while the glasses could not determine the age of the Monks.