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The Lie Of The Land

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 9
First Broadcast2017/06/04 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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We begin with a montage of history that reveals the price that humanity has paid for Bill's consent in the previous episode. The Monks now control the Earth by making everyone believe that they have been present for all of history and are benevolent to boot.

Bill and a few others can still remember the truth. This is the beginning of saving the Earth. Nardole tracks down Bill and takes her to the Doctor. There's an underlying ruse to ensure that Bill is not working for the Monks. Missy provides a piece of the puzzle as she has encountered the monks before. The Monks control everyone by broadcasting a signal based on the one who gave consent. Missy's solution was to kill this person. Clearly it's not acceptable to kill Bill.

The plan instead is to infiltrate the Monks headquarters and disrupt the signal. And for mine, this is where the resolution is weak. The Doctor mind-battles the Monk in charge and is losing, so Bill steps in. And by simply using her mental image of her mother - someone who she does not know - defeats the Monks. This was lazy writing and a disappointing end.

There were a few cool things during the episode, eg. another appearance of Magpie Electrical (although it was not exactly subtle).