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The Doctor Falls

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 13
First Broadcast2017/07/02 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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The battle between the humans and the cybermen takes up most of the story and, for once, it seems that all is lost. The Doctor has faced overwhelming odds many times before and won; this time it seems he won't. The real story though, is what is happening to all the main characters.

In the end the Doctor cannot save Bill, ie. he cannot convert her back to human. Yet, where there are tears, there is hope it seems. Nardole departs as he is the one who must save the remaining humans.

The Master and Missy ends poignantly. We find out their regeneration story and we see why we've never seen two incarnations together before; he/she (mostly he) cannot work with anyone else. At first it seems as if the Master has foiled the Doctor and kept Missy on the dark side. But at the end, perhaps Missy did decide once and for all to change for good. We may never know. Ironically the Master kills her for that, ensuring the Doctor does not find out. The Master states that Missy cannot regenerate, but who knows, the Master always comes back.

The final battle sees many cybermen destroyed and hope for the escaping humans. Bill and the Doctor survive the end of the battle but their time is seemingly up. The Doctor leaves in the TARDIS before Heather (as the Pilot turns up to (sort of) save the day. This is ultimately unsatisfying. The writers, for mine, have wimped out as they did with Clara in Hell Bent. People, even companions, die in Doctor Who. So let's be honest about it.

The Doctor's wounds seem fatal and his body is trying to regenerate. Twice he puts it off and escapes in the TARDIS. When they arrive he refuses to learn whatever lesson he thinks the TARDIS might be trying to teach him. And then he encounters the first Doctor. Which I have to admit is a brilliant ending.

So here we are. The stage has been set for a complete reboot in the Christmas special. In the real world, we have a new producer and a new direction. In the Whoniverse, Bill, Nardole and Missy are all gone. We're left with the first and most recent Doctor and a postponed regeneration. What could be next?