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Twice Upon A Time

ShowDoctor Who / Series X / Episode 14
First Broadcast2017/12/26 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The Christmas special has become a tradition. While we perhaps don't expect a truly great story, we do expect some substance along with something a bit out of the ordinary. There was plenty of potential here: the first and current Doctors together; and the promise of something really new with the 13th Doctor. However, overall I found this episode to be a little disappointing.

Sure there was heaps for fans to delight in. Oodles of comparisons between the original and the modern day, lashings of references to past episodes, and plenty of wit, especially around the first Doctor's attitudes to women. There were even some special moments, eg. the soldier's name turning out to be Lethbridge-Stewart and the Doctor getting his memory of Clara back. And if you like surprises, the return of Rusty the Dalek was a pretty good one.

But what was the point of the episode? Even the Doctor struggled with this: "I don't know what to do when there's no evil plan." If there was a plot, I missed it. But perhaps that was the point. We were allowed to reflect on the 12th Doctor's time and enjoy some poignant memories. We signed off with a laundry list for the incoming Doctor and creative team. Fair enough, but I also hope they take the show in new directions.

The cliffhanger was a beauty. The new Doctor falls from the exploding TARDIS towards Earth. Just how will she get out of that one.