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The Woman Who Fell To Earth

ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 1
First Broadcast2018/10/07 - 17:55 (Link: ABC TV)
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Previous EpisodeTwice Upon A Time
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Switching the telecast time from Saturday to Sunday in England meant the new episode went to air at the unusual time of 5:55pm on a Monday evening. The episode began with a very long sequence that did not involve the Doctor at all. She made her entrance by falling through the roof of a train. It's not clear how this could actually happen without killing the Doctor.

From the very beginning, Jodie Whittaker fitted very naturally into the role and has faithfully captured the essence of the Doctor while bringing her own style to it. Within a few minutes she was the Doctor and all the fuss about the role going to a woman for the first time was immaterial. The new companions are a mixed bunch and work well together as a group.

The writing for this episode was very strong and contained an excellent mix of plot and humour. The new enemy - the Stenza - was suitably menacing. His denouement was classic Who - the Doctor gave him the choice to change his ways but he declined and that was that. The introduction of a new sonic screwdriver was clever, although the choice of a new costume was disappointingly brief. All up a brilliant start to a new season.