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The Ghost Monument

ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 2
First Broadcast2018/10/15 - 18:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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Previous EpisodeThe Woman Who Fell To Earth
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The Doctor and her friends are rescued from space by the last two competitors in a long-running, space rally. The latter have reached the final stage and land on the planet Desolation. They are given their final task by the race organiser and the racers, the Doctor and her friends set off together to reach the final destination. To the Doctor's delight, this Ghost Monument (of the title) is actually her TARDIS.

Getting to the end requires problem solving and defeating all sorts of bad guys. This is completed in a fairly regulation manner with the Doctor using her wits to get them there. The racers finish together and declare themselves joint winners. Meanwhile the Doctor and her friends are left behind. The Doctor thinks all is lost until her TARDIS arrives to save the day.

There were some interesting moments: the Stenza get another mention - are they to be a recurring theme this series; the Remnants were suitably malevolent and also momentarily rattled the Doctor with a reference to her past and the timeless child; the Doctor was quite defeatist at the end, which I found to be out of character; and the new TARDIS interior is very cool.