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ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 3
First Broadcast2018/10/22 - 18:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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It's the day before Rosa Parks sparked a revolution by refusing to stand on a bus and this highlights the theme of the episode: racism. It's a heavy topic but it's reasonably well dealt with. The portrayal is hard to stomach, eg. Ryan being struck or the segregation.

The Doctor discovers Krasko, a time traveller, bent on preventing Rosa from initiating a big change in society, not by some grand play, eg. killing her, but by nudging events ever so slightly so that her actions are not triggered. The primary storyline is the battle between the Doctor trying to keep events on track and Krasko trying to disrupt them. In the end the Doctor wins out of course, but not before we get an introduction to history and encounter some key figures, eg. MLK.

The fact that someone from far in the future still holds repugnant views is disturbing. On the whole though, we should be encouraged as ultimately this episode demonstrates how far we've come since the 1940s. Yes, progress is slow, and yes, it may seem like we're slipping back at the moment, but the general direction is one of improvement.