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ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 7
First Broadcast2018/11/19 - 18:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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The Doctor and the team arrive at Kerblam's main distribution centre and infiltrate the various areas by posing as recruits. All is not well at Kerblam as staff are going missing but the Doctor struggles to find the mysterious sender of the request for help. Most of the Kerblam delivery process is automated and working conditions are strict for the few humans employed there. We are lead to believe that the machine(s) in charge are behind the problems. However, in the end, it is revealed to be Charlie who is prepared to go to extreme lengths to the put the blame on automation for putting recipients in danger in the hope of freeing up jobs for humans. It was Kerblam itself, realising the danger, that sent the request for help. The Doctor sympathises with Charlie but cannot let him complete his task and eventually saves the day.

Another pretty good episode with a good plot, some clever misdirection and a couple of references to previous Doctors. The theme is relevant as many today are worried about the tough conditions in some jobs (Amazon anyone?) and the loss of jobs to automation. Hopefully these issues can be resolved without the sort of drastic action on display here.