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The Witchfinders

ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 8
First Broadcast2018/11/26 - 18:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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This is a strong story that begins with witch trials and ends up with the Morax via sentient mud. The Doctor intervenes in a witch trial by saving the alleged witch. Using the psychic paper she claims to be the witch-finder general, so she can investigate what's going on. It's clearly something mysterious and two women, Becka and Willa, seem to hold the key. As the plot moves forward, King James I reveals himself to add more to the mix.

Eventually we get to the heart of the matter. Becka had cut down an old tree, that was actually the lock to a prison holding the Morax. The tree infected Becka and she put witches on trial to try and save herself. Meanwhile the Morax brings mud and corpses to life and things get pretty weird. In the end the Doctor manages to reboot the prison and the Morax are once again in custody. I haven't done the plot justice - read the Wikia article for the full account.

The story was interesting for the fact that the Doctor experienced sexism because of her gender that limited her ability to help. She finds this very annoying because "If I was still a bloke, I wouldn't have to deal with this and be half-way done by now."