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It Takes You Away

ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 9
First Broadcast2018/12/03 - 18:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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The team arrive in Norway to find a blind girl living alone and frightened to leave her house because of a monster. After an eerie interlude we find it's nothing of the sort. The girl's father has travelled to another universe through a portal (a mirror that does not reflect) and has set up speakers to make monstrous noises to keep his daughter from wandering off.

The Doctor traverses the portal with some of the others, finds the girl's father talking to what appear's to be his dead wife, and eventually determines what is going on. The Solitract is behind all this and is simply desperate for companionship. The Doctor bargains with it and it releases the others on the condition the Doctor stays. Unfortunately the Doctor is not compatible with this Universe and has to leave too before the universe collapses.

It's a rather poignant story really. The Solitract is not evil, nor is it trying to cause harm. In the end it just wants someone to talk to and even that is denied it. The Doctor remains hopeful that it survives.