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ShowDoctor Who / Series XI / Episode 11
First Broadcast2019/01/01 - 19:30 (Link: ABC TV)
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Previous EpisodeThe Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos
Next EpisodeSpyfall (Part 1)

The story begins well in the past when an unknown creature was defeated. It was divided into parts, each taken to different places on Earth to be guarded for eternity. One piece didn't make it to its final destination and is left unguarded. Fast forward to today and archeologists stumble on the unguarded remains. The other parts of the creature begin to stir and eventually they all teleport together and reunite. The Doctor is alerted to this and follows the trail. The creature takes over one of the archeologists and eventually forces her to build something. This something emerges and we see that it is a dalek. Following this reveal we have a pretty standard episode as the Doctor defeats the dalek and casts it into a supernova.