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Orphan 55

ShowDoctor Who / Series XII / Episode 3
First Broadcast2020/01/16 - 20:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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The Doctor and the team are transported to the Tranquility Spa for a break. Naturally the jaunt turns out to be anything but relaxing as we quickly find out that all is not what it seems. The Spa has been sited on an orphan planet, so-called because they have become unlivable. The Spa should be able to keep out the hostile atmosphere, however some native life forms are attacking, gaining entry and killing guests.

As usual, the Doctor manages to find a way to save the day and get the survivors off the planet. This is not the main storyline though. Rather, we discover that the planet is in fact Earth and the Doctor learns from the leader of the cleverly-named Dregs, evolved humans, that the ultimate cause of its uninhabitability is climate change and the ensuing wars. The team are horrified and not exactly reassured when the Doctor explains that the future is not written yet and this fate can be avoided.

This episode and its message are timely, arriving as it has in the middle of the worst bush fires Australia has ever seen. Nonetheless, it wasn't exactly subtle about it, which made it a little less enjoyable. Then again, maybe the time for subtlety has passed.