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Fugitive Of The Jadoon

ShowDoctor Who / Series XII / Episode 5
First Broadcast2020/01/30 - 20:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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Previous EpisodeNikola Tesla's Night of Terror
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This is one of the best episodes in a long time. We begin with the team asking the Doctor what she gets up to by herself. Reluctantly she reveals that she is trying to track down the Master. They are interrupted by an alert on Earth and travel there to find the Judoon are trying to track down a fugitive. There's also a funny B-Plot involving the return of another favourite - Captain Jack Harkness. He's trying to get a message to the Doctor - whom he mistakenly and hilariously believes to be Jack for a moment and gives him a big kiss. Overall though, it's a moody, atmospheric story that is quite gripping and mysterious. Just who is Lee?

And then everything is turned upside down. Ruth and the Doctor head out to Ruth's lighthouse where the Doctor discovers the TARDIS buried beneath a gravestone with no epitaph. But this is nothing compared to the revelation to come. Ruth is the fugitive. She has hidden her identity in much the way the Doctor did in The Family of Blood. Which means she's a Time Lord. And then comes her mind-blowing claim that she is the Doctor.

The two Doctors wrestle with this dilemma, how can they both be the Doctor if neither can remember the other? And this isn't like The Next Doctor, the alternative Doctor really is the Doctor. And she's different! She has martial arts skills and she uses them. She carries a gun and she's not adverse to tricking her pursuer - also a Time Lord - into killing herself with it. She refers to a different history where Gallifrey is still around.

This is simply extraordinary. The episode ends with the mystery unresolved. But we will no doubt be coming back to Jack's warning about the lone Cyberman and this alternative Doctor. Surely the latter relates to the timeless child and the Master's claim that everything the Doctor knows is a lie.