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ShowDoctor Who / Series XII / Episode 6
First Broadcast2020/02/06 - 20:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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In three separate locations around the world, something weird is happening. The team split up, investigate and eventually determines it's all related. Eventually the Doctor figures out what's behind it all: plastic. Micro-plastics have saturated living things, including humans and an alien bacterium is drawn towards them.

Suki turns out to be an alien whose plastic-rich planet was ravaged by Praxeus, their name for the bacterium. She's come to Earth to try and find an antidote. Her space-ship is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean under a giant garbage patch. From there the Doctor manages to find an antidote and save the day.

This was a more typical episode for this series. I'm finding that they're not great and typically have a non-subtle (almost preachy) message for humanity, in this case plastic pollution. I think if they were more subtle about these messages, the episodes would be more enjoyable.