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Can You Hear Me?

ShowDoctor Who / Series XII / Episode 7
First Broadcast2020/02/13 - 20:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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The Doctor drops the team off in Sheffield for a break, while she checks out an alert from Aleppo, Syria in 1380. There she rescues Tahira from a terrifying creature. Back on Earth, each of the team is catching up with friends or family and having nightmares. They're so creepy that they contact the Doctor who returns. They discover similarities between the events in Aleppo and their dreams.

After hooking Graham up to the TARDIS's telepathic circuits, they travel to the scene of Graham's nightmare. There they discover two planets seemingly about to destroy each other. Upon closer inspection they find the two planets are being held in stasis and a woman imprisoned in between.

The Doctor figures out how to release her and we then find out what's actually going on. Zellin - the man from the nightmares - is an immortal and he needed the Doctor's help to release Rakaya, another immortal. They imprison the Doctor and the others and head off to Earth to feed on nightmares.

The Doctor manages to escape, free the others and come up with a plan that leads to the entrapment of Zellin, Rakaya and creature from Tahira's nightmare.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode. The plot was pretty good and it was atmospheric. I liked the references to other gods we've come across before, eg. the Guardians, the Eternals and the Toy Maker.