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Ascension Of The Cybermen

ShowDoctor Who / Series XII / Episode 9
First Broadcast2020/02/27 - 20:00 (Link: ABC TV)
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Previous EpisodeThe Haunting Of Villa Diodati
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The cyber wars have devastated humanity and their worlds. However, it seems the Cybermen have finally been defeated at great cost. The last few surviving humans seek refuge on Ko Sharmus.

The Doctor and the team arrive on a refugee planet, using coordinates given to them by Percy Shelley. A brief battle between some refugees (and the team) versus some cyber drones takes place and the group is separated. Some of them escape on a space ship. Meanwhile Ashad appears with some cyber guards. The Doctor eludes them, steals Ashad's cybership and heads off for Ko Sharmus.

The rest of the team discover a ship of Cyber warriors. Ashad follows them and boards the same ship. Ravio flies the ship towards Ko Sharmus.

Ko Sharmus turns out to be a person, not a planet and he shows the Doctor the Boundary, a rippling sheet of energy that he has helped refugees escape through.

In a very unexpected twist, the Boundary clears, revealing Gallifrey. Then the Master leaps through the Boundary, and tells the Doctor to be afraid, as "everything is about to change. Forever." We'll have to wait until the next episode to find out what that's all about.

Equally unexplained, is the story of Brendan. Found as a baby and subsequently adopted, he lives a mostly normal life in a small town. After joining the local police force, he is shot by a criminal and falls off a cliff. Remarkably his sergeant finds him at the bottom of the cliff, alive and well. How is not explained. Later in life he retires from the police force, receiving a clock as a retirement gift. As he leaves the station, his sergeant and his adoptive father, neither of whom appear to have aged, confront him. They lead him back in, attach a device to his head and wipe his memories. We are left none the wiser as to what all this might mean. Is Brendan a Time Lord? Is Brendan a previous incarnation of the Doctor that she cannot remember?