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Village Of The Angels

ShowDoctor Who / Series XIII / Episode 4
First Broadcast2021/11/22 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Previous EpisodeOnce, Upon Time
Next EpisodeSurvivors Of The Flux

The Doctor reboots the TARDIS and evicts the Weeping Angel, however they are stranded in Medderton in 1967. A little girl named Peggy has gone missing and Yaz and Dan join the search, while a Mrs. Hayward warns the villagers to evacuate.

The Doctor finds a lab where a Professor Jericho is experimenting on Claire (here from 2021). The Angels surround the Professor's house, apparently interested in Claire, who reveals to the Doctor that two mass disappearances happened in Medderton, one in 1901 and one in 1967.

Dan and Yaz are sent back to 1901 by an Angel and there they find Peggy (presumably also sent back by an Angel). They find an energy barrier at the town's boundary through which they can see Mrs. Hayward in 1967. The latter claims to remember this and we realise that Mrs. Hayward is Peggy.

Back in 1967, Claire is slowly turning into an Angel. The Doctor enters her mind to save her and learns the Angel that hijacked the TARDIS had done so to escape the rest of the Angels, who are members of The Division. The rogue Angel claims to have knowledge of the Doctor's missing memories. The other Angels break in and the Doctor tries to make a deal with them. However she is betrayed by the rogue Angel who has offered them the Doctor in return for their safety. The Doctor is recalled to The Division and turned into a Weeping Angel.