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Eve Of The Daleks

ShowDoctor Who / Series XIII / Episode 7
First Broadcast2022/01/02 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The Doctor, Yaz and Dan land in the wrong place (surprise, surprise) on New Year's Eve. It's a few minutes to midnight and the TARDIS needs to repair itself.

As they move around the self-storage facility, they find two dead people before being shockingly exterminated by a dalek. It's quite a moment. And then everybody's alive again experiencing deja vu. Rinse, repeat.

Each restart is one minute closer to midnight and the five people realise they need to come up with a plan to escape the building before being exterminated. However the dalek is learning on each iteration and then there are additional daleks.

The Doctor formulates a plan for the final iteration and they spend the second last iteration doing the complete opposite to throw the daleks off the scent. It all comes together for the grand finale, they escape in the nick of time and return to the restored TARDIS.

There were some very humorous moments during this episode, mostly around the dialogue. There was also a big reveal in that Yaz is apparently romantically in love with the Doctor. Dan notices and he also thinks the Doctor knows. However nothing really comes of it. It's an interesting choice. We've seen this before, with Rose and Martha being the most obvious. Also Captain Jack, so it's not the first homosexual instance. Still, it seemed to come out of nowhere.