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World War Three

ShowDoctor Who / Series I / Episode 5
First Broadcast2005/06/18 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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We pick up where Aliens of London left off. Another small break with the past; giving a Part II its own episode name. The resolution is fairly standard Doctor Who, although the much improved production values give it a great boost. The Slitheen are eventually seen off (or are they - there seemed to be an opportunity for escape) in a sequence involving attacking 10 Downing Street with a missile and relying on the Cabinet office for protection. Seems plausible enough :)

There's even a contemporary political reference: the Slitheen disguised as government ministers allege the invading aliens can deploy their horrible weapons in just 45 seconds. This is surely a reference to the allegedly "sexed-up" dossier that PM Blair referred to in the British Parliament containing the implausible statement that Saddam Hussein could deploy nuclear weapons in 45 minutes. Given that the 45 seconds is clearly spin, the writers are none-to-subtly suggesting the 45 minutes was also - a fact that events seems to have borne out.

There's also a nice bit, where the Doctor makes some kid clean his TARDIS after catching him putting graffiti ("Bad Wolf") on it.

And finally in a hat-tip to modernity, there's even a spin-off website: you can browse to UNIT's website. There's even a secure section you can access using the password the Doctor gave Mickey during this episode.