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ShowDoctor Who / Series I / Episode 6
First Broadcast2005/06/25 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The daleks (or at least one dalek) return for the first time in the new series. The Doctor and Rose are drawn to an underground bunker in Utah in 2012 where they find an amazing collection of alien artefacts. One of them turns out to be a powerless dalek. Rose accidentally re-animates it with her DNA by touching it and it escapes. A battle ensues with the dalek basically victorious, but when presented with the hopelessness of its existence - it's the only one left and it has no orders - it chooses to self-destruct.

There's some interest in the actions of the Doctor and the dalek. Firstly, we see real fear from the Doctor, probably for the first time, when he first encounters the dalek. Then we see his anger when he realises he is safe and he then tortures the dalek.

Later, the dalek chooses not to kill Rose and it's as surprised as Rose is. It seems it took on the ability to understand her fear along with her DNA. Rose then stops the dalek from killing van Statten. There must be something it wants more than killing. The dalek wants its freedom. It opens itself - a cool sequence - so that sunlight can fall on its organic body.

The Doctor arrives with a gun and orders Rose to get out of the way. Rose points out that it's the Doctor with the gun and the dalek that refrained from killing. The Doctor realises the effect the war has had on him and lowers the gun. This sort of character development, both for the Doctor and the daleks, is relatively new. It's a useful addition in the new series that adds depth to the stories.

The dalek begs Rose to order its destruction. She reluctantly agrees. Another cool sequence sees the dalek levitate, its "bumps" separate from its armour and encircle it, before detonating, leaving nothing behind.