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The Doctor Dances

ShowDoctor Who / Series I / Episode 10
First Broadcast2005/07/23 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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A very satisfying conclusion to last week's episode with a clever resolution to the empty child and the symptoms as plague, as well as lots of humour and clever spookiness and dialogue. And for once, nobody dies. And the Doctor is delighted that everyone lives; a reminder that death and destruction normally follow him around. All in all, a very good pair of episodes.

The key to these two episodes is the nanogenes on the Chula spaceships. Their first encounter with a human was a dead Jamie (the empty child). They could bring him back to life, but didn't know to fix his injuries. They then went about "fixing" everyone they meet. The Doctor figures this out eventually and in a thrilling climax manages to train the nanogenes to "fix" humans correctly. The end result is Jamie is brought back to life properly and all the patients in the hospital are cured; one to the extent of a missing leg being re-grown.

Lots of bits of humour: the Doctor swapping Jack's gun for a banana, the references to Jack's "dancing", dancing in general. It's good to see the Doctor enjoying himself.

Jack redeems himself by stopping the bomb and taking it away. And sacrificing his life in the process. At least until the Doctor rescues him.