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Boom Town

ShowDoctor Who / Series I / Episode 11
First Broadcast2005/07/30 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff to re-charge from the scar created by the closed rift in The Unquiet Dead. The Doctor, Rose and Jack are now a close-knit team. Rose has asked Mickey to join them, but it's clear he doesn't fit in. The team soon discover that one of the Slitheen did escape after World War Three. Margaret Blaine is now the Mayor of Cardiff and is opening a nuclear power station. But to what end?

What follows is a fairly entertaining episode where the Doctor capture the Slitheen and decides to return her to her home planet. Believing this to be a death sentence the Slitheen tries all manner of guilt trips on the Doctor. While they wait for the TARDIS to re-charge, the Doctor takes the Slitheen to dinner, Rose and Mickey set off together and Jack remains in the TARDIS. The Slitheen briefly gets the upper hand but is defeated by the TARIDS.

A fair bit about families and relationships in this episode. The Slitheen doesn't kill a journalist when she discovers she's pregnant. Rose and Mickey fight over their relationship or its end. And finally when Slitheen is defeated she is regressed to an egg and given a chance for a new start.

One odd bit: the Doctor stares at some words on a wall. “Blaidd Dwrg” is Welsh for “bad wolf”, a phrase that's been following us around. Not quite sure what that was about.