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Bad Wolf

ShowDoctor Who / Series I / Episode 12
First Broadcast2005/08/06 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The first part of the two-part climax to the new season, begins with a disoriented Doctor suddenly appearing in a house. From the conversations around him, the Doctor realises he's now a contestant on the set of Big Brother. From this bizarre and rather humourous beginning, we find Rose and Jack also on different TV shows. But the humour vanishes quickly when we discover they're playing for their lives, literally. The phrase Bad Wolf comes to the fore, Rose is apparently killed, only to be proved alive when the Doctor discovers who's behind the games - the greatest enemy of all.

Answers to some puzzles start to appear. Bad Wolf, which I only first spotted in the previous episode is a recurring theme (I'm a little slow apparently). We're back on Satellite 5, 100 years after it was first seen in the The Long Game, and the reason for the odd title of that episode becomes clear - there's a long running plan in place.

The cliffhanger is brilliant. After the Doctor and Jack realise something is seriously wrong, Bad Wolf TV being one clue, they eventually figure out Satellite 5's secret. It's too complicated to be just a TV station. The inertia of the population, the games, it's all a disguise. The Doctor figures out that the Satellite 5 signal is hiding something. When he cancels the signal an enormous fleet of dalek ships appears. The daleks realising they've been discovered, contact the Doctor and threaten to kill Rose if he intervenes. The Doctor tells Rose he's coming to get her. The daleks initiate the final stage of their plans to invade Earth. To be continued.