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The Christmas Invasion

ShowDoctor Who / Series II / Episode 1
First Broadcast2006/07/08 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Previous EpisodeThe Parting of the Ways

I'm not happy about having to wait until July to see the Christmas special, but it was worth the wait, just. David Tennant looks promising and we see the continuing mix of action and its impact, eg. The Doctor is wondering what sort of man he is, while Rose is freaked out about the whole regeneration thing.

Rose and the Doctor return to Earth, with the Doctor promptly fainting upon exiting the TARDIS. Jackie and Mickey wonder who he is. They take the Doctor to Jackie's flat where he rests. He emits some golden light from his mouth and it floats off.

Rose and Mickey go shopping, only to be attacked by a Christmas band's members dressed as Santa. They return to the flat where Rose spots a new Christmas tree. It comes to life and attacks them. Rose manages to wake the Doctor and he destroys the tree and scares off the band members, now outside the flat. He calls them "pilot fish", attracted by the golden light, before lapsing back into a coma.

Meanwhile, Guinevere I, Britain's spaceship to Mars, encounters another, larger spaceship and is swallowed up. The project director, Daniel Llewellyn, is summoned to Unit HQ. Also there is the MP for Flydale North, Harriet Jones, last seen in Aliens of London and World War III, now Prime Minister and stewarding Britain’s "Golden Age".

Then comes the shock. Guinevere I doesn't send back pictures of Mars, but the face of an alien. It's quickly worked out a spaceship is coming to Earth and everyone soon knows about it. The Aliens reveal themselves to be the Sycorax. Their technology somehow permits them to control some of the Earth's population, who all walk up to high places. Llewellyn figures out it's related to the A+ blood on Guinevere I. Torchwood is not ready to act, so Jones makes a plea for the Doctor on national TV.

Rose, Jackie and Mickey get the Doctor into the TARDIS. They plan to wait in there, but turning on the monitors alerts the Sycorax. They capture the TARDIS, with Rose and Mickey on board, and bring it on board their spaceship. Rose steps outside and screams, causing Mickey to spill his tea. The Doctor begins to stir.

Outside, Rose and Jones are re-united. The Sycorax continue to speak and Jones' right-hand-man continues to translate. Rose has previously theorised that the TARDIS has stopped translating alien speech because the Doctor is ill. But then the translation starts to work. Rose looks to the TARDIS and the Doctor, rejuvenated by the spilt tea, appears.

We then encounter the Doctor's new personality for the first time as he wonders what type of man he is. Is he rude? Bold? He disables the blood control and defeats the Sycorax leader in a sword duel. In the process he loses his hand, but he's lucky, he can grow another one as part of his regeneration. The leader renegs on his promise to leave and the Doctor drops him off the spaceship - no second chances, he's that kind of man.

They all return to Earth. Jones is delighted and concerned - what about other alien threats. She authorises Torchwood to destroy the departing ship. The Doctor is horrified and undermines her leadership.

In the final scenes we see the Doctor choosing his new clothing and settling down to Christmas dinner. The Doctor and Rose (still a little squeamish about the new man) set off into the universe again.