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The Lazarus Experiment

ShowDoctor Who / Series III / Episode 7
First Broadcast2007/08/04 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The Doctor drops Martha off at home, her stay in the TARDIS apparently over. He leaves, but promptly returns, wondering what some guy on the TV meant by changing what it means to be human. Martha and the Doctor attend a party, along with most of Martha's family. The host is the guy who turns out to be Professor Richard Lazarus and uses a machine to turn back the clock. He steps out of it looking 40 years younger.

Naturally the process hasn't quite worked. Turns out he's activated some long lost evolutionary path and he changes into a huge monster with hints of spider and scorpion. He devours people, leaving lifeless husks and reverts to human form. The Doctor and Martha eventually defeat him using sonic waves - the Doctor boosting the output of a church organ to achieve the power he needs to stop Lazarus.

The key points in the story are the devotion the Doctor inspires in his companions and confirmation that the theme for Series III will revolve around Mr. Saxon (as I predicted in Smith and Jones). His name, Harold Saxon, is mentioned several times and the implication is that he is well known in Britain. He also helped with the funding of Lazarus' work.

One male character, credited only as "mysterious man", appears to know who the Doctor is. He warns Martha's mother that the Doctor is dangerous and Martha should stay away from him. Martha refuses. The Doctor asks if she wants to come along for one more ride. Martha says she doesn't want it to be like that. The Doctor agrees; she can travel with him permanently.