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Voyage of the Damned

ShowDoctor Who / Series IV / Episode 1
First Broadcast2008/06/29 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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It seems much later than last year, but it's actually a year to the day since the last Christmas special. We quickly find out that the TARDIS hasn't crashed into The Titanic as implied, but rather a spaceship of the same name orbiting the Earth. The Doctor and Astrid1 Peth (played by Kylie Minogue) then battle the corrupt owner of the spaceship and the murderous, robotic host to save the Earth from annihilation.

All up, not a bad episode to get things going again. A humorous twist is an empty London for Christmas as Londoners are afraid they'll get an alien incident three years running. Only the Queen stays behind, but is then forced to evacuate Buckingham Palace when The Titanic threatens to crash-land there.

The characters are pretty good. One of the least likeable survives although good ones don't. The Doctor is unimpressed. Mr. Copper remarks, “But if you could choose Doctor, if you could decide who lives and who dies, that would make you a monster.” Impressed by this wisdom, the Doctor helps Mr. Copper escape the authorities.

1An anagram of TARDIS.