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Partners In Crime

ShowDoctor Who / Series IV / Episode 2
First Broadcast2008/07/06 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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This episode begins with the Doctor and Donna Noble (last seen in The Runaway Bride) investigating Adipose Industries - a very successful fat-loss company. At first, it appears they're together, but we soon realise neither is aware the other is there.

Eventually there's a comical re-union across a room, conducted in silence with actions. We discover that Donna's plan was to follow trouble in the hope of re-uniting with the Doctor - reasoning that he'd be there too.

The main story was a little silly. The fat-loss pills actually cause the creation of baby Adipose - little creatures created from human fat. The company CEO, modelled on Super Nanny it seems, is in charge of creating and collecting the creatures before returning them home. When the Doctor and Donna discover and foil her plans, her employers come and collect the Adipose, but kill her.

Donna decides to travel with the Doctor much the delight of her grand-father.

In a final scene, Donna leaves her car keys in a bin and calls her Mum and tells her to come and get them. She also tells a blond woman to point to the bin if her Mum comes looking. The blond turns and we realise it's Rose. She walks away and disappears. Is this the motif for Season 4? Will Rose somehow return?