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The Sontaran Stratagem

ShowDoctor Who / Series IV / Episode 5
First Broadcast2008/07/27 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The episode begins with the Doctor showing Donna how to steer the TARDIS, when a mobile phone begin to ring. The Doctor answers it. It's Martha Jones and she's bringing the Doctor back to Earth.

A teenage American genius Luke Rattigan runs the Raatigan Academy - a place for fellow teenage geniuses. His car navigation and emissions product ATMOS reduces emissions to zero. But people with ATMOS cars are dying and UNIT is investigating the deaths, concerned the technology may be alien. Martha, now working for UNIT, decides it's time to bring in the Doctor to help.

It turns out the Sontarans are behind it all with a plan to takeover the Earth. They capture and clone Martha and the clone works inside UNIT to aid the Sontarans. The episode ends with the Sontarans activating the ATMOS systems to smother the Earth in a poisonous gas and chanting their somewhat ridiculous war cry.

An interesting episode. We learn more about the Sontarans - how they exist only for war, how they're grown as clones, and even the reason for their weakness - the probic vent at the back of their neck. I could have done without the war cry though.

Donna's comment about the Doctor turning Martha into a soldier continues a theme about the impact of the Doctor on those around him.