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The Poison Sky

ShowDoctor Who / Series IV / Episode 6
First Broadcast2008/08/03 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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The second and final part of the Sontaran story. We discover there is more to the Sontaran's gas than just poison to overcome the human race. It's clone food - the Earth is to become a base for growing more Sontarans for their never-ending battle against the Rutans.

There were the usual battles and derring-do as the Doctor, Donna, Martha and UNIT defeated the Sontarans and restored the Earth. We find out how the Sontarans deceived Rattigan to trick him into conspiring with them. Fairly standard stuff, pretty well executed.

The theme of the Doctor's impact on those around him continues. Donna's Mum warns against him: wherever he goes there's trouble. Martha describes him as "like fire" - wonderful but dangerous.

We also catch another brief glimpse of Rose - this time on a screen when the Doctor talks to the Sontarans.

The episode ends with the TARDIS taking off by itself or under the control of something else. We catch a glimpse of the Doctor's hand in its jar bubbling away. Martha is unimpressed. Now Martha and Donna are together. If Rose comes back - a grand re-union of companions?