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Day Of The Moon

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 3
First Broadcast2011/05/07 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Steven Moffat seems determined the leave us with nothing but questions in this episode which wraps up a two-part storyline, but hints at so much more. The Silence are revealed to the Doctor and he realises he's been warned about them. Their defeat (on Earth at least) is very clever, but almost a sideshow compared to all the hints and suggestions about what is to come.

The list of questions is quite long:

  • Where did the dwarf star alloy (last seen with the fourth Doctor) for the Doctor's prison cell come from?
  • What was the face that Amy saw on the door in the old children's home? She's being referred to as eye patch lady. What is that all about?
  • What was the purpose of the space suit? Why did the Silence go to all that trouble? Did it capture the little girl?
  • Is Amy pregnant? She thought she was but then claimed she isn't. A TARDIS scan alternates between positive and negative, suggesting this is yet to be decided. Amy found photos of herself with a little girl who grew up to be the impossible astronaut. The Silence told Amy she would help them bring the silence, although her part would soon be over, could it be through her daughter?
  • Who is the little girl? She appears to be regenerating and aware that this is possible. Does this mean she has Time Lord ancestry? Are we heading towards her being Amy and the Doctor's love child? Surely not.
  • Who is River Song? Where did she get those amazing self-defence skills? Doctor of Archeology? Hmmmm. Why does she return to the storm cage? What promise does she have to live up to? And is this the last time she kisses the Doctor from her point of view (while being the first from his)?
  • Are the Silence tied in with the TARDIS exploding in the previous series? Were they the reason? A ship of theirs was seen in The Lodger. This suggests they're tied together. But how? Or is this actually two separate story lines? Have they been defeated? They're in trouble on Earth, but where did they come from? They've been around since the wheel and the fire, but what is that? Could they be still out there?

There were the usual little clever bits of humour including: the Doctor being held within Area 51; Nixon asking if he'll be remembered and the Doctor telling him to say "Hi" to David Frost.

All up, a clever, atmospheric episode. Not sure it's quite as dark as marketing would have us believe, but certainly had some scary elements (but no scarier than (say) The Impossible Planet). Better than the last episode I'd say. Looking forward to figuring out what it's all about.