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The Doctor's Wife

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 5
First Broadcast2011/05/21 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Brilliant, utterly brilliant. After last week's poor effort, this week's episode was superb. The TARDIS personified. Like all great ideas, it seems so obvious. So why didn't anyone think of it before.

The Doctor is lured into a bubble-Universe by a sentient asteroid (House) via a hypercube. Believing it to be a message from a living Time Lord, the Doctor heads in there. As soon as they arrive, the power is drained from the TARDIS. The Doctor, Amy and Rory investigate, meeting the strange inhabitants. Most perplexing is Idris, who is she? This is the key to the episode. It soon becomes clear that Idris is the TARDIS in human form. Then the Doctor realises who she is and for a brief time, the couple who have been together for 700 years actually talk. It's a wonderful, clever, humorous and sad, brief moment in time. House is eventually defeated and the TARDIS matrix returns to its rightful place.

The episode's title is clever. The Doctor's wife is the TARDIS. As Amy says, "in the end, it's always you and her, long after we're gone." Some other wonderful moments: the TARDIS also turns their history on its head - she claims she stole the Doctor so she could see the Universe (and not the other way round); when the Doctor complains she wasn't always reliable and didn't always take him where he wanted to go, she replies that she always took him where he needed to go; the TARDIS calling the Doctor her "thief" and her "beautiful idiot"; her name is "sexy" and she also likes being called "old girl"; Amy asking the Doctor if he wished really hard for this to happen; and the Doctor giving Amy and Rory a room with bunk beds.

At the end, the TARDIS leaves Rory a message for the Doctor, "the only water in the forest is the river." They'll need to know that one day. No exactly subtle foreshadowing :)