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The Almost People

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 7
First Broadcast2011/06/04 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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Another dark episode with a killer plot twist at the end. This ending, explaining a couple of threads, almost overshadows what's a pretty good episode. The humans and the gangers eventually reconcile with the exception of Jennifer. The Doctor engineers an escape for those that survive. But we're left asking, what's the story with Amy?

The Doctor and his ganger are a lot of fun. Initially the ganger struggles to stabilise due to the Doctor's reincarnations and starts quoting earlier versions of himself. Eventually he settles down and they start enjoying each other's company. Almost too much for Amy and the others as they revel in finishing each other's sentences and the wonder of being able to talk to oneself.

Ganger Jennifer proves to be clever and strong. She tricks Rory into helping her destroy the factory. Eventually though, she gets a bit over the top, morphing into some sort of horror that chases the survivors through the tunnels. Apart from this the episode is well-paced, scary and thrilling. A good effort.

The Doctor and his ganger switch shoes to prove a point about humanity and gangers getting on. This has some unexpected consequences though. Amy clearly tells the Doctor (while thinking he was his ganger) about his future death. This will no doubt prove crucial.

And then we have the killer ending. Amy is a ganger, but not a recent one. She's been travelling with them for some time. It's hard to know since when, but at least since America as that's when she first told the Doctor. If it's before then we didn't see it. Could it be when the Silence kidnapped her? I don't think so as this happened after her revelation.

The duplication explains the TARDIS's pregnancy scan. The real Amy is pregnant and while the ganger is not, their connection is enough to confuse the TARDIS. The eye-patch lady is revealed to be Amy's nurse or doctor. The occasional appearances breaking into the ganger's consciousness. The Doctor had known for a while as his ganger also knew, telling Amy to, "Push, but only when she tells you." (Where "she" is presumably the eye-patch lady.)

Intriguingly, coming to the factory was all part of the Doctor's plan. Somehow he knew Amy was a ganger and needed to see the technology in its early form. Armed with this knowledge he could break the connection to Amy. When did he figure this out?

So Amy really is pregnant. So the photos of her with a girl earlier are probably genuine. So who is the father? If that baby grows up to be the girl in the spacesuit who can regenerate ... anything is possible.