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Let's Kill Hitler

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 9
First Broadcast2011/09/09 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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A fast-paced, zany, humorous, almost slapstick episode with some new information about River Song and the Doctor gets us going again after a mid-season break. The story is okay, but at the end, after the relentless pace, you're left a little bewildered.

The opening scene during which Amy and Rory create a crop circle to get the Doctor's attention, given that he never answers his phone, is quite good. And then all hell breaks loose when "Mels" arrives. Suddenly we're back in time in Germany, inadvertently rescuing Hitler from the Tesselecta. Before Rory locks Hitler in a cupboard (!) he has shot Mels who regenerates into River Song. So Melody was named after Mels who is Melody.

As she is programmed to do, River Song poisons the Doctor and he begins to die. But how can this be, we know when he dies.

There's a merry chase over the city as Amy and Rory go after River. The Tesselecta catches up with River and tortures her. The Doctor finds out why: she's the one who killed the Doctor, but he still insists they stop. River learns to fly the TARDIS from the TARDIS herself. It's possible because she's a "child of the TARDIS".

Eventually the poison has its effect. Just before he dies, the Doctor tells River Song, still unaware of who she is, to find River Song and whispers a message to her. Amy shows River who River Song is. She responds by reviving the Doctor. We discover this uses up all of her regenerations. The Doctor gives her a blue TARDIS notebook and they leave her to find her own way. We see her applying to study archeology as she's looking for a good man.

Along the way, the Doctor finds out from the Tesselecta that the Silence are behind the plot to kill the Doctor. They are not a species, but a religious cult that believes "silence will fall" when the oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain view, is asked. Unfortunately the question is unknown. The Doctor also finds out the date of his death. It would seem that the themes around the Silence will be resolved by the end of this series.