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Night Terrors

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 10
First Broadcast2011/09/10 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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A dark, spooky episode with a happy ending centred on the love of a father for his son. Overall not too bad, but a bit of an interruption to the flow of the last two episodes.

A little boy in his bedroom wishes for someone to save him from the monsters. Somehow this message finds it way through the time vortex to the Doctor's psychic paper (is there nothing it cannot do?) and he decides to make a house call.

They follow the signal to a large block of flats on Earth. After some hunting the Doctor finds the right flat and inveigles his way in. The Doctor meets George and listens to his story and eventually deduces that his monsters are real. Meanwhile Amy and Rory have been trapped by the monsters into a strange place full of living dolls. Unsure where they are, Rory decides they've died. Again. Brilliant. Eventually we realise it's the dolls' house in George's cupboard where he puts everything that scares him.

The Doctor realises what's been bugging him about the family photos. George's parents go from a New Year's Eve Party where his Mum is clearly not pregnant to having a baby. George's father, Alex, suddenly remembers his wife can't have children. The Doctor and Alex look at George: what is he? The Doctor determines he's a Tenza, an alien life form that assimilates into other cultures to fill a need, in this case their need to have a child. George has taken their discussion to send him to a specialist the wrong way. When Alex overcomes his initial reaction to finding out what George is and tells him he will never send him away and that he will always be his son, this saves the day. It sounds a bit easy when written down, but it was a clever and deep ending.

The episode finishes with a creepy little rhyme: Tick tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor. How do the dolls know about this?