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Closing Time

ShowDoctor Who / Series VI / Episode 14
First Broadcast2011/10/01 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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A reasonable episode that sees the return of Craig Owens and the Cybermen (and even a Cybermat). If anything though, the focus is on the Doctor and his coming death. Many loose ends are tied up and all is set for the season finale.

The Doctor is on a bit of a farewell tour it seems. His last stop is to visit his old friend Craig Owens, who now has a baby with his girlfriend Sophie. There's been a few weird goings on and although the Doctor tries to resist and leave, he notices things and has to investigate. Suddenly he has a job in a toy store - the centre of the oddness - and looks for clues. Eventually he captures a cybermat and discovers the cybermen's lair. But it all goes wrong. Both the Doctor and Craig are captured and Craig is converted into a cybermen. Only his baby's crying enables Craig to fight back and break the anti-emotion bonds. The cybermen are destroyed by the emotional feedback. Just a little bit too routine for mine.

There was some clever humour throughout. The ongoing belief of the shop staff that the Doctor and Craig are a gay couple with a baby, without either realising. The Doctor continues to speak baby with some fun results. The Doctor tidies up using his TARDIS, but even he found it hard to get a glazier on a Sunday. And the baby's first word is "Doctor".

There's also a nice cameo by Amy and Rory. It seems Amy is now a bit of a celebrity; she's the advertising face for a perfume called petrichor (a key word from The Doctor's Wife). The catch phrase for the perfume is "for the girl who is tired of waiting"; the Doctor often referred to Amy as the girl who waited.

At the very end we see the Doctor back at the TARDIS for one last trip. Craig has given him a stetson and the Doctor has taken some of Sophie's TARDIS blue envelopes. It would seem 200 years have passed since the last episode (making it a long farewell tour). The Doctor says goodbye to some children. Far in the future we see their faces in a file belonging to River Song titled "eye-witness accounts". Her search for a good man has been for the Doctor. She's also just received her doctorate. Madam Kovarian and the Silence appear and capture her, forcing her into a spacesuit and putting her in Lake Silencio to wait for the Doctor. We're back where we began this series. Can he escape? Or is it indeed Closing Time?