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Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS

ShowDoctor Who / Series VII / Episode 11
First Broadcast2013/04/28 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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A clever, promising premise, that revealed some interesting information, but ultimately another weak episode.

An attempt to improve the relationship between Clara and the TARDIS ends with the TARDIS ensnared in a tractor beam and about to be salvaged. The Doctor ends up outside the TARDIS and tricks the salvagers into helping him rescue Clara, who is stuck inside.

We then get a run of the mill sequence leading us through the TARDIS and the eventual rescue of Clara. More twisty corridors and changing interior. We've seen it all before in The Doctor's Wife haven't we?. The "big friendly button" that saves them is actually a neat trick, despite being a quick way out of trouble in the end. It is revealed slowly through the story as the past and the future merge. The creatures chasing them are scary even when we find out it's future versions of everyone.

We get to see some cool insights into the interior of the TARDIS. The swimming pool appears to have been upgraded since The Invasion Of Time. The Eye Of Harmony is well done - a black whole at the centre of the TARDIS. The engine room has exploded so we never really see it. The library is cool and the History of the Time War is intriguing. Why would the Doctor have a copy? Who wrote it? Why is his actual name in there? Mysteriously Clara gets to find out what the Doctor's name is before it is erased from her memory as a result of the rescue. Will it come back to her down the track?

Overall, quite a few cool bits and some interesting points, but ultimately disappointing. The journey to the centre of the TARDIS could have been so much more.