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The Night Of The Doctor

ShowDoctor Who / Series VII / Episode 15
First Broadcast2013/11/14 - 00:00
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Not a full episode, but one of the brief mini-episodes (or prequels) that have become fashionable. I don't normally record these, but this one is very special and contains stunning new information. In a huge surprise, Paul McGann is back as the 8th Doctor, we see his regeneration and we find out the truth behind the unknown Doctor from the previous episode.

This episode was released online by the BBC with only a hour's notice and caught everyone by surprise. We are astonished to see the appearance of the 8th Doctor as he attempts to rescue a woman on a crashing ship. She recoils when she realises he is a Time Lord from his description of his ship. She, like many others it seems, abhors the Time Lords for their war with the Daleks. She asks if there is any difference between the two races. She refuses to go with the Doctor and her ship crashes with her and the Doctor on board.

We're back on Khan and the sisterhood revive the Doctor briefly. They beg him to regenerate and save reality. They claim to have elevated Time Lord science to the point he can direct his regeneration, including choice of gender, character and emotions. In the end the Doctor relents and chooses Warrior. The first words of his regeneration are, "Doctor, no more" and he is introduced as the War Doctor, an expansion on the previous episode.

We're now just a little over a week from the 50th anniversary special. It would seem we're about see the War Doctor in action in the Time War.