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Into The Dalek

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 2
First Broadcast2014/08/31 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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This was a great story idea. The Doctor is miniaturised (nice reference to the Fantastic Voyage) and inserted into a Dalek to help repair it. The theme of good and evil is explored. Incredibly the Dalek has developed a moral conscience before the Doctor's repair restores normality. The Doctor intervenes again the connecting with the Dalek. Initially this seems to be working until the Dalek sees the Doctor's hate for the Daleks. The end result is roughly what the Doctor is after in that the Dalek sees that the Daleks are evil and must be destroyed. But the manner that it arrives at this conclusion is disheartening for the Doctor and is very relevant to the Doctor's question to Clara: am I a good man? The Dalek's summation that it is not a good Dalek, but that the Doctor is, is great writing. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story and I'm looking forward to more.

There seems to be a love interest for Clara being introduced. Danny Pink looks like an interesting character with, no doubt, a significant back story to be fully revealed. I wonder if soldiers named Pink and Blue has any meaning.

Clara and the Doctor are contrasted with their approach to soldiers. The Doctor is essentially critical of them all the way through and won't let one travel with him. This is a bit of a change really. UNIT soldiers have travelled in the TARDIS in the past. But more importantly, the Doctor's companions are often like soldiers, eg. Captain Jack, Martha Jones, etc. It's a bit of a fine line.

Missy made another appearance, rescuing one of the soldiers from death and transporting her to "heaven". There's nothing subtle about this mysterious story arc (cf: Bad Wolf). But I'm none the wiser as to what it's about.

I've read some criticism that the Daleks were introduced so early in the new Doctor's time. I understand that point of view, but I think the focus was quite different to the usual Dalek adventure. We primarily dealt with only one Dalek and from the inside / psychological point of view. The outcome was primarily an insight into the Doctor's character, albeit with the intriguing possibility of a moral (good) Dalek and one that seems intent on destroying its own kind.

One new thing I like is the fuss-free travel in the TARDIS. I noticed this in the last episode, but it was just a one-off. It was clear from this episode that the crazy, bouncing around, which had its place but had become annoying, is gone. This Doctor is a more serious Doctor and this is reflected here.