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Robot of Sherwood

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 3
First Broadcast2014/09/07 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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The Doctor offer Clara the opportunity to go wherever she wants. Her preference is to meet Robin Hood. The Doctor scoffs that he is made up. And so we begin a story that delves into what heroes are. There's some good material here as this is explored, but the story around it is weak. There are many attempts at humour which aren't too bad but we are left with an episode without the gravitas of the first two.

The Sheriff's robots are found to going to The Promised Land - the third time in a row we've had a reference to this story arc. No sign of Missy though. Another common theme is the Doctor writing in chalk on blackboards in the TARDIS. No clue as to whether this is significant yet.

Little bits: in a nice touch, when the data banks cycled through all the references to Robin Hood, a picture of Patrick Troughton when he played the role was included; at one point, the Doctor theorises they're in a miniscope - a reference to Carnival of Monsters; there's a glitch where Clara shuts the TARDIS door and in the next scene we can see it open in the background; and when the Doctor removes an arrow from the TARDIS, the hole left behind quickly self-heals.