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Time Heist

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 5
First Broadcast2014/09/21 - 19:30 (Link: ABC Details)
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We begin with Clara once again preparing to go on a date with Danny Pink. However she is sidetracked (as usual?) by the Doctor and we never see the date take place. So is there a growing relationship between Danny and Clara or not?

The TARDIS phone rings and the Doctor wonders who it could be. There is a reference to the "woman in a shop" again although there is no appearance of Missy. This mystery, firmly established early on in the series, has gone off the boil.

The Doctor answers the phone and we're suddenly transported to a bank. Clara, the Doctor and two new characters (Psi, an augmented human and Sabre, a mutant human), have had their memories voluntarily wiped (the memory worms again) and recorded instructions on what they need to do. We then follow a conventional episode as the Doctor uses his wits to solve the mystery, get everyone out of danger and achieve the goal.

Within this we have the puzzle of who is the architect. The Doctor describes the architect as overbearing, manipulative, likes to think he's smarter than everyone else and someone he has come to hate. It is hinted that the Doctor realises it is himself. Inspired he gives his nemesis (for the episode) his phone number. The Teller (a clever idea) then allows the Doctor to see what he forgot: the phone call at the beginning was from the future where his nemesis has one regret. The Doctor is revealed to be the architect and the heist a rescue mission. All's well that ends well.

A good solid episode, but it felt a little rushed and a little light on detail in place. Could have been better.