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Kill The Moon

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 7
First Broadcast2014/10/05 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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The Doctor gives Courtney a trip to the moon as compensation for telling her she was not special. They arrive amidst a suicide mission to destroy the moon after its mass changed, causing tidal waves and destruction on Earth. The astronauts are killed off by some scary, spider-like creatures. As the Doctor investigates he eventually figures out what's happening: the moon is the an egg around an ancient creature about to hatch (and the spiders are like germs). And then he abdicates from taking any action, leaving it up to Clara and Lundvik to decide whether to destroy the moon. They contact the Earth to let them decide. The decision is to destroy the moon, but Clara intervenes at the last minute and it survives. Back on Earth, they witness the egg hatching into a wondrous creature that leaves behind another moon / egg. I liked this story. It was new and well told.

At the end, Clara is furious with the Doctor for putting her in a position where she had to make such a momentous decision. His explanations do not satisfy her. Nor does she think he is above Earthlings, now that he is their friend. In the end she storms out, never wanting to travel with him again. I suspect she will, but perhaps this is the beginning of the end.