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ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 9
First Broadcast2014/10/20 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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Something unknown drains energy / dimensions from the TARDIS causing it to go off course and land in Bristol (instead of London) with a reduced exterior size. Clara and the Doctor get out through the smaller door. However the Doctor goes back inside and is trapped inside when the exterior shrinks again.

This gives Clara the opportunity to play "Doctor" with the Doctor giving assistance from inside the shrunken TARDIS inside her handbag. Clara discovers local residents have been disappearing and the plot unfolds from there. We discover that two-dimensional beings - eventually named the Boneless by the Doctor - have been trapping them. It's not clear whether their friendly and unaware of the damage they're causing or malevolent. In the end, it's clear they're monsters and truly creepy ones at that. As they begin to master three dimensions and chase Clara and company, it's white-knuckle time.

The final escape was very clever - worthy of the Doctor - as Clara tricked the Boneless into reenergising and restoring the TARDIS. The Doctor then does the rest, in particularly chilling fashion.

There were many interesting points throughout this episode. The special effects involving the Doctor passing out items from the TARDIS to Clara were seamless. The Doctor discovers that Clara lied to both Danny and the Doctor about further trips in the TARDIS. The TARDIS has a siege mode, during which it looks like the Pandorica. The Doctor echoed the 10th Doctor with "this plane is defended" (cf: planet). Missy made another brief appearance and we glean another key note: she has chosen Clara, but for what?

The overarching theme of this series - whether the Doctor is a good man - is explored again. This time we see the Doctor in Clara as she objectively works through the danger in the same fashion as the Doctor (without perhaps realising how well). When she claims that she was a good Doctor, the Doctor responds that she was an exceptional Doctor, but goodness had nothing to do with it. He seems determined that he is not good as circumstances require him to make tough choices.