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In The Forest Of The Night

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 10
First Broadcast2014/10/26 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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Danny and Clara have taken a group of students from Coal Hill for a sleepover in a museum. When it comes time to leave they cannot get out as the door as it is barred by trees. Eventually they realise it's all of London (and then all of the Earth) that's covered; the mystery is why.

Clara calls the Doctor - to Danny's annoyance and the adventure begins. The key turns out to be one of the students who "hears voices" following the disappearance of her sister. She is actually communicating with the trees. The Doctor figures this out but still doesn't understand what is going on. Only later does he realise the trees have sprung up to protect the Earth from a solar flare. This protection is something they have done in the past, eg. Tunguska and Curuçá. The team prevent the government from destroying the trees so that the Earth is protected. All is well in the end, with even the missing sister returning.

Intriguingly, Missy, watching on from a distance, finds the whole episode surprising. Not sure what that is about.

The Doctor says that humanity will forget this as it usually does, with the memory becoming part of its fairy tales. The prompts a review of the story for such references. I spotted: Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood. I suspect there's others.

Overall a good episode. The tension between Danny, Clara and the Doctor continues. Will this ever be resolved? And how?