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Dark Water

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 11
First Broadcast2014/11/02 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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We begin with Clara psyching herself up to calling Danny and telling him the truth about her and the Doctor. She begins by professing her true love for him before the entire episode is thrown off kilter by Danny's accidental death. Clara grieves, but there are no tears. It is only when the Doctor refuses to help her go back in time to save Danny that she can cry.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Doctor decides to help her. Using the TARDIS's telepathic link, Clara takes them to the Nethersphere (aka The Promised Land, Heaven) from earlier episodes.

We see Danny there - trying to come to terms with his death. We find out (one of?) the reasons why he left the Army and doesn't talk about that time of his life - he accidentally killed a young boy.

We see a whole lot more of Missy. She identifies herself as an android, passionately kisses the Doctor (which disturbs both him and Clara) and holds his hand against her chest (to feel her heart).

We find out more about the Nethersphere, how it came about, the connection between a living creature and itself before and after death, what Dark Water is and so on. This is all thoroughly creepy.

And then we build to the cliff-hanger. Clara and Danny communicate and Danny refuses to let Clara save him (believing she will die in trying). The skeletons are revealed to be Cybermen. And in the revelation to end all revelations, Missy is revealed to be the Master. The Cybermen emerge ready to take over the Earth and Danny is about to delete his emotions, until the boy he killed appears again. A great finish to a very good episode.

The clues were there about the Cybermen - the 3W logo looked like their eyes. It was subtle at first, but a double-door gave it away. As did some of the dialogue. But I never in a million years saw Missy being a Time Lord, let alone the Master. And the revelation was brilliant for its understatement: Missy, short for Mistress. Well I cannot really call myself the Master.

Lots more to work out yet. Will Danny be saved. Why or how the Master chose Clara. And what is up with the Master (as Missy) kissing the Doctor.