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Death In Heaven

ShowDoctor Who / Series VIII / Episode 12
First Broadcast2014/11/09 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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I found this to be a pretty disturbing episode. Amidst all the usual drama as the Doctor battles one of the Master's (Missy's) grand schemes, we are meant to accept that the afterlife is the Master's plaything and that dead people are being re-born as Cybermen. For mine, this appalling idea overwhelmed the story. It did give Clara one last moment with Danny, but what happened to the Brigadier? And more generally, what was the impact of all these resurrections?

Around this concept, a pretty solid episode is built. There's some clever ideas in the story if you can bear it. The ending that involves both the Doctor and Clara lying to each other is interesting. What will it mean for them going forward?

I like Osgood; hers is a great character. This time around she is wearing a pair of Converse trainers and a bow tie, echoing the 11th Doctor. It's a shame she was killed by Missy.

It's confirmed that Missy is the woman who gave Clara the TARDIS's phone number and that she took steps to keep Clara and the Doctor together, eg. the newspaper ad in Deep Breath.

The episode finishes with a teaser for the Christmas Special. Perhaps Santa is real after all :)